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Our Experts Transformed These Floors in Orlando with the Best Grout Cleaning Service

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October 26, 2023

A couple in Orlando spent nearly all their free time trying to revamp the grout on their floors, but nothing seemed to work. The wide living room area took one third of the home's lower level where the couple held family gatherings at least once a month, while beautiful ceramic tiles connected the living room to the kitchen and the laundry room. Because of this, the couple usually had no trouble going over the three rooms at once each time they did their chores.

Kitchen Floor Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Orlando
What seemed like a manageable hiccup in their routine, soon got out of hand as dirt became embedded in almost all parts of the grout. The grout lines looked worse for wear, taking a tacky brown color that looked almost black from a distance. At this point, trusting a professional Orlando grout cleaning service sounded safer than subjecting the floor to a new batch of cleaners, so the couple went online looking for solutions. That's how they found Sir Grout Orlando at the top of their Google results. After perusing our website and reading some customer reviews, they scheduled an appointment with our crew, feeling overall very optimistic about their chances of fixing the soiled grout.

Our techs visited their home a few days later to evaluate the floor. The couple led to the living room, the kitchen, and the laundry room, and our specialists didn't miss anything during their inspection. They checked the grout lines for cracks and confirmed that there was no sealant left on any part of the grout. The kitchen tiles also had marks from old stains that regular cleaners hadn't managed to remove, mostly caused by stale water and food residue. Our techs explained that most products aren't effective enough to stop stains on high-traffic surfaces, because they keep the dirt on the grout pores and even cause discoloration on ceramic tiles. The solution involved deep cleaning the floors and sealing all the grout lines to avoid new stains in the future. With a plan in mind, our specialists offered their services, and the couple gladly agreed to a new appointment for the restoration.

Tile Floor Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Orlando
On the day of the restoration, our specialists started by using a powerful cleaning formula to get the stains off the floors. They used a high-speed scrubber to catch all traces of dirt, circling the living room area several times before heading to the kitchen and laundry room. Our amazing cleaner never disappoints, removing old stains with ease and helping homeowners through hours of foot traffic. Without ever rushing through the process, our techs checked that all the stickiness was gone before they started sealing the grout.

For this part of the process, they applied our acrylic-based color seal on all the grout lines. The clients wanted their grout to match the tiles, so our techs used a light beige sealant on all the floors. This way, the grout would remain protected for longer, with a durable barrier keeping dirt, mold, mildew, and other elements away from the grout pores.

Living Room Floor Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Orlando
The floors were buffed at the end of the process, and the resulting shine eclipsed almost any other part of their surroundings. The clients were particularly impressed by the smooth grout after seeing that the quality of our restoration was consistent in all the rooms. They thanked our specialists and promised to recommend Sir Grout Orlando to all their future guests.

While getting ready to leave the clients' home, our techs gave them some additional recommendations to make routine maintenance more effective. They told the couple to try pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to get more consistent results when getting dirt off the floor. Our product has the power to remove mold, mildew, grease, and many other stains in record time, leaving a smooth surface without adding to the damage caused by chemical cleaners. After letting the product sit on the surface for a few minutes, homeowners can eliminate all the dirt using a clean mop, a towel, or a terry cloth. You can get used to seeing a pristine surface at all times, even during the most hectic hours of the day.

Another recommendation was to keep an eye on the room's ventilation system to ensure there were no hot spots for moisture and mold. Opening the windows and doors a few hours a day also helps on this end, as external elements have more trouble adhering to surfaces in a dry environment. These simple tips are enough to make things more efficient without adding more hours, effort, or chemical products to your cleaning routine.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the dirt that's spreading around your floors? Contact Sir Grout Orlando and discover a top-tier solution to keep your hard surfaces in perfect condition. Our specialists provide thorough cleaning and restoration services while introducing the most effective products for the maintenance of tile and grout. You can call (407) 315-1919 for more information or schedule a free quote online. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest promotions and updates. Sir Grout Orlando is here to restore the beauty of your living spaces!
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