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A Countertop in Winter Park Looks Better than Ever After Getting Our Hard Surface Restoration Services

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November 01, 2023

A homeowner in Winter Park had done a lot to protect the beauty of her kitchen countertop over the years. The tiles had a classic design that fits perfectly in the kitchen, but it also made stains easy to conceal. Despite the homeowner's efforts to get the dirt and moisture off the counter, dark spots thoroughly covered the grout lines on the surface until the countertop had lost all its appeal.

Kitchen Countertop Before and After Our Hard Surface Restoration Services in Winter Park
The homeowner wasn't comfortable doing regular kitchen chores under such conditions, and welcoming guests into the house was out of the question. After all, the countertop occupied a large portion of the kitchen, making the stains visible from all parts of the room. It was only after contacting Sir Grout Orlando that the homeowner discovered the best hard surface restoration services in Winter Park. She went online looking for answers and our website gave her a thorough outline of Sir Grout's proven restoration methods. The homeowner eagerly read our website's content before finally contacting our specialists via our "Request a Quote" form.

It wasn't long before our techs visited her home. They conducted a thorough inspection, looking over the tiles and testing the grout's integrity. There was no way around the fact that the grout lines needed a lot of work. The dirt expanded all over the counter's surface, damaging the visual effect that the tiles were meant to create. Our specialists told the client that soap-based cleaners have many drawbacks that ultimately damage tile and grout, opening the pores on the surface and trapping the dirt and liquids within. Before revamping the grout, our techs needed to deep clean the counter and get the dirt off the soiled grout lines. They described the whole process to the client, and she agreed to schedule a new appointment for the counter's restoration.

Just a few days later, our techs returned to the client's house for the restoration. First, they soaked the countertop with a pH-neutral cleaner and thoroughly scrubbed off the dirt that got loose on the surface. Our product provides all the benefits you could ask for to simplify cleaning and maintenance. It has no harsh ingredients and does a quicker job of getting the dirt and stickiness of hard surfaces like tiles and grout. By the end of the first step, the kitchen had regained most of its beauty as our specialists removed the dirt.

To protect the grout lines from wear and tear, our specialists applied Sir Grout's special ColorSeal. Our high-quality sealant wards off water, grease, soil, mold, grime, and mildew from the grout pores. It brings the best long-term protection while adding to the grout's natural beauty. Following the client's request, our techs recolored the grout to create a slight contrast with the white tiles at the center, and the result made the whole counter look gorgeous in its place as the kitchen's centerpiece.

The client agreed with this perception when she got to see the countertop herself, claiming that the counter looked brand new and praising our specialists for their superb restoration methods.

Now that the restoration was complete and the client was satisfied with the results, our specialists took a moment to share some useful cleaning tips. It's impossible to keep a countertop bare at all times of the day as these surfaces are meant to support multiple kitchen products. To ease the chore of cleaning after each of the household's activities, our techs recommended using pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Our product's formula is infused with high-quality ingredients that work like a charm on most stains, from food residue to dirt and mold. It also has no harsh ingredients, so homeowners don't have to worry about compromising the sealant's protection during their cleaning routine. This also means that no toxic fumes will permeate the air and surfaces. Our specialists also recommended combining a weekly cleaning routine with proper indoor ventilation to prevent moisture buildup in the kitchen area. Beyond that, they reminded the client to keep her cleaning tools away from children and pets and to avoid abrasive tools when wiping stains off the counter. The client promised to follow these recommendations and to tell everyone in Winter Park about the quality of our services.

It's hard to keep a kitchen spotless at all times. Sir Grout Orlando is your best ally to help you maximize the results of routine maintenance, all while providing exceptional restoration services that stand the test of time. If you don't know how to stop the gradual deterioration of high-traffic areas inside your home, don't hesitate to seek the guidance of our hard surface specialists. You can call (407) 315-1919 or click our website's "Schedule a FREE Quote" button to schedule an appointment with Sir Grout Orlando right away. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.
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