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Our Stone Polishing Made a Vanity in Orlando Shine With a New Glow

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March 11, 2022

A homeowner in Orlando had tried countless products in her efforts to make her vanity shine. The marble vanity top was the first thing people saw when they walked into the guest bathroom, so the owner ensured it was resplendent at all times. Despite her efforts, she couldn't help noticing how the marble looked duller each day. The stone's pattern still drew a lot of positive attention while helping conceal the mild etching in parts of the surface, but the homeowner wanted to find a solution because the problem became too obvious to overlook.

Marble Vanity Top Before and After a Stone Polishing in Orlando
Fortunately, she didn't have to waste too much time looking for the perfect Orlando Stone Polishing service. She found Sir Grout Orlando early on during her search. After looking through our picture gallery and reading about all our hard surface restoration services, the homeowner made up her mind and contacted our specialists. She filled out our "Request a Quote" form and scheduled an in-home evaluation later that week.

Our crew visited the client's house on the appointed date and began inspecting the vanity. Under the bathroom's light, the dullness of the stone was unmistakable, with almost no shine reflected on the marble's flat surface. As we explained to the client, this dullness is a typical result of exposure to harsh ingredients like bleach and other traditional cleaners. When they are left to dry on natural stone surfaces, these formulas can cause discoloration and etching, often causing serious damage in a relatively short span of time. Thankfully, this marble surface could be fully restored, so we described our process to the client step by step and let her make the final decision. In short, we had to hone and polish the stone after completing a deep cleaning session on its surface. The client agreed with this approach and scheduled a new appointment for the job.

A few days later, our specialists returned to the client's home to work on the vanity top. First, they cleaned the entire marble surface with a pH-neutral cleaner. Our stone-safe product removes all the stains without damaging marble surfaces because it has no harsh ingredients that could cause discoloration and wear down the grain. After cleaning the vanity top thoroughly, our specialists got ready to start honing the stone surface.

For this part of the process, they used low and mid-grit diamond pads. They honed the vanity's surface while gradually increasing the pad's grit level. When there were no marks left on the surface, and the marble had gained a nice matte finish, they polished the vanity top to bring out that new shine.

The last step was sealing the marble with Stone Armor. Sir Grout's impregnating sealant wards off water and other liquids, including product residue, mold, and mildew. This way, Stone Armor keeps the stone surface from absorbing substances that could create stains and deteriorate the surface, making cleaning and maintenance much more effective down the line. By the end of the process, the vanity looked as good as new, with a shine that showed the marble's quality at a glance. The client was thrilled when she saw the results, and everyone in the household thanked our crew for their efficiency and professionalism.

As they got ready to leave the house, our specialists shared some additional cleaning tips with the client. They recommended cleaning stone surfaces with pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Unlike generic products and soap-based formulas, our cleaner effectively removes all the dirt stuck on the surface without letting water or other substances seep into the stone pores. Our neutral cleaner doesn't release chemical fumes, so you can let it dry on the surface without worrying about damage or risking health issues for people nearby. To avoid scratches and other marks on the stone's delicate surface, we recommended using soft tools like a towel or a terry cloth. Our last suggestion was to open the windows from time to time to allow the circulation of fresh air. This would also help prevent the spread of mold and mildew on all bathroom surfaces.

Your home's surfaces deserve the best restoration services to stay beautiful. Sir Grout Orlando offers the best quality to bring back your floors, counters, and other hard surfaces through the most effective and cost-effective method in the Orlando area. If you're interested in our services, you can call (407) 315-1919 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on our website to schedule an in-home evaluation. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.

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