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Our Techs Brought a Saltillo Floor in Winter Park Back to Life with Their Tile Cleaning Services

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October 29, 2022

Our specialists visited a rental unit in Winter Park to work their magic on its Saltillo tile floors. When a new batch of tenants picked the apartment that'd remained unoccupied for years, the owner started overseeing the maintenance of all the surfaces. As the days went by, it became apparent that he was making no progress on the floors. The tiles in all the rooms were stained, and a part of the surface was affected by the remnants of an old rug. As such, when the owner contacted our Winter Park tile cleaning crew, there were dark spots spread all over the floors, making all the surfaces look shabby and neglected.

Saltillo Floor Before and After a Tile Cleaning in Winter Park
After weeks of going from one cleaning formula to the next, the owner knew that traditional methods would do nothing to solve the problem. He decided that the best way to protect his property was to call Sir Grout Orlando. Having worked as a landlord for decades, he was familiar with our company and the quality of our services, so scheduling an appointment with our techs was easy. In short, the owner called Sir Grout Orlando to request an in-home evaluation, and our techs went to his building a few days later.

During the floor inspection, our specialists saw that the stains had drastically altered the color of the Saltillo tiles. Where the rug had once stood, the tiles were sticky and roughened by fabric residue. Our specialists assessed all the rooms while the owner outlined his efforts to get the stains off the Saltillo tiles. At different points, he'd tried using bleach, a mix of vinegar and water, and a blend of soap-based cleaners on the floors. Our specialists explained that, despite their popularity, many of these traditional cleaning solutions gradually damage Saltillo tiles and other types of hard surfaces. The harsh ingredients in these products' formulas eat at the tiles and prompt discoloration, on top of trapping the dirt on the surface. Since no part of the floor showed signs of lasting damage, our specialists told the client that the tiles could regain their original look after a thorough cleaning and sealing service. The owner agreed with our specialists' proposed approach and scheduled a new appointment with Sir Grout Orlando.

On the scheduled date, our specialists returned to the rental unit and spent the day working extensively on all the floors. For the first step of the restoration, they coated the floors with a pH-neutral cleaner and let the product sit for a few minutes. As the dirt started loosening its hold on the tiles, our techs ran a high-speed scrubbing machine to remove all the residue. Our cleaner is the quickest and most effective solution to remove all kinds of stains, from grease, footprints, and spills to mold, fungi, and mildew. It leaves all hard surfaces spotless and smooth to the touch.

When the tiles had recovered their shine, and there wasn't a speck of dirt on any of the floors, our specialists began the next portion of the restoration. They sealed all the floors with their high gloss Saltillo tile sealant, enhancing the floor's protection through humidity, foot traffic, spills, etc. Our sealant also wards off mold and mildew, so it keeps Saltillo surfaces free of harmful elements that could spread to other parts of a home. Our specialists applied two coats on all the floors for good measure and let the client see the results after buffing the surface for the last time.

The owner was delighted by how the floors transformed all parts of the unit. The Saltillo tiles had regained their vibrant color, and the floors had a rich, welcoming look. While checking the tiles, he thanked our specialists and promised to tell more people in Winter Park about our fantastic restoration services.

The client also asked for additional cleaning advice, so our specialists gladly shared their recommendations. Saltillo floors are durable, but the tiles can still be affected by wear and tear. The best way to counter gradual damage is to clean the floors with pH-neutral cleaners like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Our product uses only top-quality ingredients to remove stains, soil, and solid residue that could get stuck to the tiles. It enhances effectiveness and provides more thorough results, all without weakening the sealant's protection on the floors. Our specialists also recommended checking the ventilation system in all the rooms to ensure it worked properly and reminded the client to open the windows a few hours a day to help the circulation of fresh air. Lastly, they advised against using steel wools and other abrasive tools on larger stains. At best, there'd be leftover dirt dwelling on the surface, and at worst, these tools could make deep scratches on the tiles. The best option to wipe old stains is to use a mop, a towel, or a terry cloth. The client took note of all these recommendations and promised to share our tips with the building's workers and tenants.

Bring back the beauty of your floors. If any part of your house has become duller with time, you can trust the specialists at Sir Grout Orlando to find the solution. Through the years, our restoration methods have brought the most amazing results to hundreds of surfaces, and our techs have satisfied just as many owners with their services. If you want to discover what sets Sir Grout Orlando apart from other hard surface restoration companies, call (407) 315-1919 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on our website to schedule an in-home evaluation. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.

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