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Our Tile Cleaning Process Restored the Restroom Floors at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando, FL

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April 30, 2024

Public restrooms are visited by many people every day. In high-traffic areas like schools, restaurants, and hospitals, hundreds of people may use a given public restroom in a single day. Keeping these areas clean and safe for users and staff is essential, but it can be a challenging task, and in many cases, standard cleaning methods won't be enough to provide satisfactory results and the surface might need professional restoration, such as our tile cleaning services in Orlando, Florida.

Restroom Floor Before and After a Superb Tile Cleaning in Orlando, FL
Recently, the facilities manager of the prestigious Lake Highland Preparatory School, home of the Highlanders, in Orlando, FL, contacted us because he needed our assistance to restore the floors on the Weng Family Gym restrooms.

The facilities manager needed a fast and effective solution to ensure the safety of the students and the staff since this is a high-traffic area in the school. We had worked at the school, so he was confident that we could provide a reliable service to restore the surface.

Restroom Floor Before and After a Remarkable Tile Cleaning in Orlando, FL
He visited our user-friendly website and filled out our online scheduler, requesting a free evaluation on a convenient day and time.

At Sir Grout, we take immense pride in maintaining a professional image that reflects our commitment to excellence. Dressed in sharp uniforms, we arrived as scheduled, quickly assessed the issues on the restroom floors, and shared our observations with the facilities manager.

The surface was in poor condition, with grimy tiles and grout that wasn't adequately sealed. We explained that grout is porous and can suffer severe damage and decay when it's unsealed. It is necessary to apply a special sealant on the surface to prevent further deterioration.

Restroom Floor Before and After a Phenomenal Tile Cleaning in Orlando, FL
After the inspection, we talked with the facilities manager and suggested the optimal solution to restore the surface. We recommend our tile and grout cleaning and sealing service, which features professional-grade equipment, and our proprietary products, which are the safest and most advanced on the market. We assured him we would address all the issues and give the floor a revamped look.

We then provided a no-obligation quote and a detailed outline of all the steps involved in the restoration process. He was happy with the reasonable quote and the solution we proposed, so he requested our services and scheduled a time and date for us to return to do the work.

We are committed to fulfilling our promises and providing a safe environment for all our customers. We'll treat our client's properties with extreme care and attention from the moment we provide the free quote until the finished product. We returned on the appointed date, and after ensuring the area was protected during our work, we began the job, keeping our client informed and answering all his questions.

First, we cleaned the floor using a high-speed scrubber and our non-toxic hard surface cleaner. Unlike store-bought cleaners, our product is crafted with high-quality ingredients that won't leave any residue or damage the surface.

For the next step, we restored the grout and sealed it with our premium sealant, ColorSeal. This top-tier product provides unmatched protection, repelling dirt, water, and other external agents. It also reduces wear and tear, making maintenance effortless.

ColorSeal is a revolutionary sealant that gives grout a uniform color and a completely revitalized appearance, improving the surface tenfold. In addition, we offer a large variety of colors almost always ensuring our clients can find a color to match their tiles or choose a new one to give their surfaces a makeover.

For the final step, we sealed the tiles with Siltanium to add an extra layer of protection against external agents. This sealer has slip-resistant properties, adding to the safety of the students by reducing the possibility of accidents by slips and falls. This was essential for this project because this is a high-traffic area with countless visitors daily. It also minimizes deterioration, enhances the surface, and can last for a long time with proper care.

As we finished the restoration, we cleaned up and invited our client to inspect the results. The facilities manager was delighted to see that the restroom floors were completely restored and said our work had exceeded his expectations. He thanked us for our exceptional performance and promised to recommend our services to anyone experiencing similar hard surface-related issues.

Before leaving, we took some time to give the staff a few recommendations and helpful tips for better maintenance. We suggested keeping a regular cleaning routine using only pH-neutral and soap-free cleaners like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Our product delivers remarkable results, and because it's non-toxic, it won't harm anyone, including pets.

We advise against using soap-based products or substances with acidic properties because their harsh chemicals can damage the surface. They also leave a residue that seeps into the grout, leading to discoloration, staining, and other issues. We also recommend avoiding rinsing mops in dirty water when cleaning and not using abrasive tools because they can leave scratches.

Is the restroom on your property dirty and unappealing? Don't worry, Sir Grout Orlando has the expertise to clean and restore all the hard surfaces in your property to like-new condition and reduce maintenance costs. Contact us today by calling (407) 315-1919 or by using our online scheduling option to schedule a free quote.
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