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This Bathroom Floor Gets a Whole New Look Thanks to Our Orlando Grout Sealing Services

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March 23, 2022

A homeowner in Orlando couldn't stand the sight of his bathroom floor. Bathroom maintenance is time-consuming on the best of days, and this case was no different. The problem was that hours of scrubbing did nothing to clear away the dirt from the tiles and the grout. There was mold, grime, and soil latching onto the grout lines and the dirt had embedded into the tile pores, leaving countless stains.

Bathroom Floor Before and After Grout Sealing in Orlando
In the midst of his cleaning efforts, the owner remembered that his bathroom floor hadn't been resealed in years. He went online to polish his knowledge about grout sealing and found Sir Grout Orlando soon after. After learning more about our Orlando Grout Sealing services, he decided to contact our specialists and filled out the "Request a Quote" form to schedule an in-home evaluation. As expected of Sir Grout Orlando, our specialists were at his house right on schedule a few days later.

They began inspecting the floor, assessing the stains on the tiles and the overall state of the grout. They saw that the whole grout was covered in grime and confirmed that the sealant had completely worn off. Moreover, each part of the floor needed to be thoroughly cleaned with high-grade equipment to remove all the dirt that had seeped into the tiles. As our specialists explained, these are all common consequences of exposing hard surfaces to soap-based cleaners. When traditional cleaners are used on the same area every week, they will inevitably open the grout pores, trapping water, mold, mildew, and other liquids beneath the tiles. Our techs told the client he would have his grout sealed after a full cleaning service, and the client immediately booked a new appointment for the restoration.

That same week, our specialists were all ready to work on the floor. They returned to the client's house with all the necessary equipment and wasted no time cleaning every inch of the floor. For this, they soaked the floor with a pH-neutral cleaner and removed the dirt with a high-speed scrubbing machine. Our product is the best way to remove all traces of dirt without deteriorating the grout because it has no harsh ingredients that could cause discoloration or damage. After letting the cleaner sit for a few minutes, it took little to no effort to get rid of all the moisture and soil.

Then, our techs started sealing all the grout lines with Sir Grout's ColorSeal. This high-quality sealant protects the grout pores while warding off water, grime, soap scum, mold, and mildew. It's the best asset to help homeowners through their cleaning routine, keeping the grout beautiful and spotless through all the day's activities. Following the client's request, we applied a white sealant that blended nicely with the tiles and enhanced the floor's shine.

We applied Tile Armor and buffed the bathroom floor before calling the client back to check the results. He was amazed at how the floor managed to change the bathroom's whole look, making it appear more modern and sophisticated. He thanked our specialists many times and promised to spread the word about our services.

He also asked for additional cleaning advice and put all his attention into what we had to say. Our first suggestion was to stop using soap-based cleaners altogether. To clean hard surfaces without eating away at the sealant, we recommended using pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Because there are no pH imbalances in its formula, our product can clean all stains effectively without letting external elements seep into the grout. It is the best way to complement the sealant's protection during your daily routine. We also told the client to open the windows closest to the bathroom to improve ventilation and to wipe any pools of water on the floor, vanity top, or any other bathroom surfaces. Lastly, we recommended scrubbing off the stickiness with a towel or a terry cloth to avoid scratching the tiles by mistake.

Secure the best restoration services for your hard surfaces. Sir Grout Orlando offers the ultimate cleaning and sealing method to help homeowners in their grout maintenance. You can count on our specialists to provide the best services and the most amazing results. If you live in Orlando, you can call (407) 315-1919 or fill out the "Schedule a Free Quote" form to schedule an in-home evaluation. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.
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