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This Mexican Saltillo Floor Regained its Natural Charm with the Best Apopka Grout Cleaning Specialists

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October 21, 2021

Mexican Saltillo tiles always give the perfect blend that makes a home look elegant and welcoming all at once. The floor tiles in this Apopka home always managed to bring the cheer of the outdoors while leading the way to the house's backyard.

Image of Mexican Saltillo Tile Floor Before and After Grout Cleaning in Apopka
This is one of the reasons why it was so discouraging to find marks marring the floor and stains sticking to the grout lines. The homeowner knew about the intricacies of Mexican Saltillo tiles and had been taking proper care of the floors for years, always delighting in the way the tiles shone when sunlight hit them just right. After the initial shock, she took a closer look and realized that parts of the floor had started showing signs of discoloration. Worse still, countless cleaning products did little to remove the dirt from the grout, so she went online to look for a more powerful alternative.

Upon reading more about damages sustained by terracotta tiles, the client realized that the best course of action was contacting an Apopka Grout Cleaning service that could provide a long-term solution. She modified her research parameters accordingly and started looking into companies in the area. Sir Grout Orlando was one of the first options to pop up, and the client could see why after reading our customers' reviews and learning about our areas of expertise. She filled out the "Request a Quote" form on our website and, a few days later, our specialists were at her doorstep to perform a free in-home consultation.

Their inspection yielded the answers we needed to start planning for the floor's restoration. The main problem when it comes to hard surface maintenance is that grout lines have a porous surface that easily absorbs grime and moisture when left unsealed. Mexican Saltillo tiles share that same trait, to the point that they absorb external elements much faster than other hard surfaces. In an effort to restore the floor's original shine, the client had used various products that hadn't been part of her regular cleaning routine, including some chemical-based formulas that ended up fixing the residue more deeply into the floor's surface. This also exacerbated the problems caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight until the tile's natural color started to fade away. After we recounted our findings, the client wanted to begin the restoration as soon as possible. We reassured her that the floor had not sustained irreparable damage but still agreed that it was not wise to let much time go by, so we scheduled an appointment at her earliest convenience.

Our specialists were back at her house as scheduled and set up all their equipment to start cleaning the floors. Using a special swing machine to treat the surface, they gave the floors an alkaline scrub until all the embedded grime started losing its hold on the surfaces. Sir Grout's high-speed scrubber doesn't wear down the surfaces, ensuring a gentle treatment instead. Our crew continued the process until all residue was removed and, for good measure, followed it with vapor steam cleaning to preserve the newly spotless surface.

Next, came sealing the grout. For this, our specialists applied our special ColorSeal on the grout lines. Sir Grout's sealant is a grout's best protection against moisture, grime, and mold. It creates a protectant layer that keeps the grout's porous surface from absorbing any external elements to the point that it even blocks the worst effects of UV rays. Our ColorSeal also provides many esthetic options because it's available in various colors to create a balance with terracotta tiles and other hard surfaces. Our client decided to go with a natural-looking gray that perfectly matched the tiles' warm outlook. To protect the tiles, our specialists applied a satin Saltillo tile sealant that made the floor look vibrant with a glossy finish. They ended the restoration process by using a high-speed machine and polishing pad to buff the floors.

By the end of the process, the client was ecstatic. Her floors not only looked good as new but, through Sir Grout's cost-effective restoration method, they now were better protected against daily toll, wear and tear. Now that the floor had recovered its beauty, we expanded on some of the problems caused by generic cleaners and recommended switching to Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Our pH-neutral surface cleaner is 100% tile-safe, meaning that there are no residues deepening the stains caused by grime and dirt, or toxic fumes contaminating your surfaces and spaces. It also enhances the effects of the sealant, helping maintain the floor's polished finish for much longer. In addition, we suggested upkeeping the room's good ventilation and alternating between a mop and a towel during the cleaning routine. The client was receptive to all our recommendations and our crew left her home satisfied by a job well done.

Sir Grout Orlando is an undisputed leader in the hard surface restoration industry. We have brought outstanding results while working with delicate surfaces and through the most complex restoration services. We are at your service whenever you need top-tier cleaning, sealing, and regrouting, so don't hesitate to call (407) 315-1919 or fill out our "Request a Quote" form to schedule a free in-home consultation. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest info and promotions.

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