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Winter Park Stone Cleaning Service Delivers a Remarkable Change to These Travertine Surfaces

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November 21, 2021

Travertine tiles never fail to make a room look unique. They bring a rustic touch that makes a space feel warm and homey, but they can also become badly damaged under certain circumstances. A family from Winter Park, Florida, was shocked when they saw the state of their travertine surfaces after a few weeks away from home.

Travertine Brick Floor Before and After a Stone Cleaning Service in Winter Park
A family emergency had forced them to leave their home unattended as they spent some time with their relatives, and the last thing they expected was to find their floors look so deteriorated after a relatively short amount of time. Both the bricks in the main hallway and the kitchen tiles looked washed out. Some parts of the stone had lost most of their color and shine, and this was especially noticeable with the stains that had spread all over the floor.

After exhausting the cleaning products in their cupboard, the homeowners looked for some DIY methods online but gave up on this approach after the first try. When those initial efforts yielded no results, the couple started looking for Winter Park Stone Cleaning companies and it took no time for them to find Sir Grout Orlando. They grew cautiously optimistic after looking through our long list of results in our picture gallery and filled out the "Request a Quote" form to ask for a free in-home evaluation.

Travertine Tiles Before and After a Stone Cleaning Service in Winter Park
Our crew arrived at the client's place a few days later and began inspecting the floors in the main hallway and the kitchen. Both the bricks and tiles looked unappealing, and the caulking looked badly damaged. There was also dust and dirt slipping between the grout lines and covering various sections of the floor's surface. The clients confirmed that there was no sealant protecting the stone, which would explain much of the discoloration on the bricks and tiles. We explained that the issue could not be fixed with generic cleaning products but reassured the couple that Sir Grout's high-end equipment could get the job done before the stone sustained any permanent damage. After seeing our technicians in action and hearing their input, the clients agreed to schedule an appointment right away.

We were back at the house on the appointed date to work on both parts of the house. Our specialists began the process by cleaning the floors with a stone-safe, pH-neutral cleaner and a high-end scrubber. They applied an alkaline-based solution that doesn't stop at removing stains and residue. In addition, they used an extraction machine with a spinner wand to deep clean the travertine surfaces until all traces of soil were gone and the travertine was smooth and spotless. To restore the stone's natural shine, our crew honed and polished the floors with stone-safe products and buffing tools, leaving a nice finish that brought out the color of the bricks.

Next came sealing. Our specialists applied a coat of Sir Grout's Stone Armor to protect the stone and make regular cleaning methods more efficient in the long run. Our signature stone sealant stops dirt and debris from clinging to the pores in travertine surfaces, preserving the stone's traits and enhancing its shine. The same process was applied on the hallway floors and on the kitchen tiles, leaving the travertine surfaces unblemished and glowing in both cases.

The entire family was thrilled by the results as they toured the hallway and the kitchen. They were all delighted to see such vast improvement on their travertine floors and the couple promised to recommend our restoration services to everyone in their social circle since many of them had been looking for a cost-effective service that could help improve the look of their own hard surfaces.

We left the family with some suggestions for the care of their travertine surfaces. Travertine can withstand many instances of damage, but it still requires the right products to remain sturdy. For this reason, our specialists recommended using pH-neutral cleaners like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to keep the stone spotless without eating at its properties. Soap-based cleaners have acidic components that can be absorbed through the grout lines, ultimately causing severe structural damage to both the tiles and the grout. When it comes to cleaning tools, our specialists suggest using a clean mop, a towel, or a terry cloth rag. Additionally, we stressed the importance of upkeeping optimal ventilation to allow the circulation of fresh air.

If you want to secure the best restoration methods to bring your surfaces back to peak condition, Sir Grout Orlando is the answer. We have revamped countless surfaces in all stages of disrepair, applying the latest equipment to preserve their structural integrity as we bring back their natural beauty. You can contact us by calling (407) 315-1919 or filling out our "Request a Quote" form to schedule a free in-home consultation. And you can always subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest info and promotions. Sir Grout Orlando is here to provide the best hard surface restoration services.

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